Ken Jones

Fresh Thoughts Wrapped In Timeless Truth

“In If I Should Die Before I Live, Ken Jones helps us make sure we’re not missing our own life. (Talk about what matters most!) He wants us to know at the end of every day that we’re actually ‘living life in the midst of our daze’… My advice is to grab Ken’s offer of freedom and don’t let go. You’ll be so glad you did.”

David Kopp

Editor, Author

“We rush along in our daily activities and simply miss much of what’s happening in our own neighborhoods. Ken somehow sees it. He has a lovely knack of looking at common, otherwise ordinary events from a different perspective. (His writing) … will make you feel good about your life and all the people in it.”

Pat Boone


“Ken’s words have a unique way of making you think about the deeper things in life all while gently nudging you forward into the person you were ultimately created to be. There is no judgement nor condemnation in his words, but only a sincere desire to get to know you as a friend.”

Paul Wilson