I’m Ken Jones, and ‘Classic State of Mind’ is what I ‘do,’ and how I think.

I’m an author and blogger who also produces a weekly radio show and podcast. I’m a staff pastor in a great church, (Pathway Church, Redding CA), and a certified physician life development coach. In the course of every week, I get to lead folks in worship, challenge and encourage readers and listeners on the web and over airwaves, and coach doctors all across the nation in all four time zones!

And a ‘Classic State of Mind’ is foundational to all of those endeavors.

I’m passionate about helping people sort out the challenges in life. I’m convinced that when we develop a mindset that enables us to prioritize and focus on ‘what matters most,’ it allows us to live our lives with true meaning. We truly get to live our lives … with meaning, and on purpose!

Everyone has a mindset. A belief system. A way of looking at life and trying to make sense of the world around them. My passion is addressing and helping people develop what I call a ‘Classic State of Mind.’

So, what’s that?

We associate things that are classics with examples of not of a particular style, but rather, things of lasting worth or with a timeless quality or value. A classic car, a classic design or architecture, or a classic piece of music, perhaps. Not an old way of thinking. I’m not feeble, or decrepit, or infirmed if I’m in a Classic State of Mind. Instead, I’m striving to sort out what matters most; what timeless values and truths can I embrace and live out every day. I like to think that maintaining a classic state of mind is the wise and sage place to ‘live.’ It’s not a physical or chronological space or limitation. Just as ‘classic’ denotes a particular quality in art, architecture, literature, or design,  I’d like to think it applies to quality life, as well.

A Classic State of Mind, then, is engaging in the artful pursuit of the three things that matter most:

1. A committed relationship with God, and His son, Jesus

2. A secure and accurate understanding of myself

3. A God-driven love for all those I encounter along my path

Timeless truth …

A Classic State of mind.

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