Everyone has a mindset. A belief system. A way of looking at life and trying to make sense of the world around us. My passion is addressing and helping people develop what I call ‘A Classic State of Mind.’

So, what’s that?

We associate things that are classics with examples of a particular style, things of lasting worth or with a timeless quality or value. A classic car, a classic film or novel. A classic tune. Not an old way of thinking. I’m not feeble, or decrepit, or infirmed if I’m in a Classic State of Mind. Instead, I’m striving to sort out what matters most; what timeless values and truths can I embrace and live out every day. I like to think that maintaining a classic state of mind is the wise and sage place to ‘live.’ It’s not a physical or chronological space or limitation. Just as ‘classic’ denotes a particular quality in art, architecture, literature, or design,  I’d like to think it applies to quality life, as well. A Classic State of Mind, then, is the artful pursuit of what matters most. It’s a determined focus on living the kind of quality life that emanates from being in a right relationship with God, a right understanding of myself, and a loving focus on those around me. Timeless truth. A Classic State of mind.


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