I wonder, sometimes.
       I suppose I wonder because I have been known to ‘wander.’
I occasionally catch myself ambling through my day,
       Like a man with nowhere to go, and all day to get there.
It almost seems as if I’m oblivious to what’s going on around me;
       As if I’m in some giant grocery store, with music playing bravely in the background.

But I’m not tuned-in to the lyric of the song that life is singing.

Yesterday, I was reading a book.
       And I actually ‘noticed’ what I was reading.
The author challenged me, the reader, to consider the following three questions as a way of making progress in my life on a very practical level; a way of helping me ‘pay attention’ to the life that’s flying by me:

So, this morning, I started a new habit — the habit of paying better attention.
               I’m asking myself the three questions he recommended:

        1. What is it that’s bothering me?
        2. Is that something I could fix?
        3. Would I be willing to fix it?

He recommends that we start small; no ned to ask about big things, starting out.
         So, I asked and answered that first question: 
“What’s bothering me?  I’m suspicious that I have a plank in my eye, and I don’t like it.”
          Second question and answer: “Could I ‘fix’ it? Yes, I suppose I could deal with the plank, if I paid attention.”

And would I be willing to fix it?
Well, actually, I’m noticing my mind starting to wander, before I can answer.
         I wonder why that is?

“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye,
but do not consider the plank in your own eye?”

(Matt. 7:3)

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