Hi. I’m Ken Jones and this is A Classic State of Mind, with a Word About the Audience.

What’s He like? The God of All There Is, I mean.

What are His preferences?

If God were a fan of television — (I can hardly imagine such a thing) — can you imagine what He might like? Or NOT like?

Would He be into ‘drama?’ I mean, there’s so much drama being played out in every newscast, today. I wonder how God feels about that?

Or, what about ‘mysteries?’ Mysteries must be a real challenge for God, because what we might consider a ‘mystery’ or an ‘unknown?’ Not a mystery to Him. He knows everything.

Wonder if God’s into ‘comedy?’ What does God think is funny? I have a strong hunch that what makes God smile, What causes a grin on the countenance of the God of all there is, isn’t the same stuff that might cause me to break out in hilarious laughter.

I wonder how God would like a documentary? Some hour-long PBS special that would hightlight some historical happening? He’s the God of All History, so I can’t imagine that He would be enlightened or informed.

Or do you suppose He would be a fan of what’s now called ‘reality’ programing? Now there’s a thought. God being interested in something real, and not pretend.

Your beliefs about God, who He is, what He’s really like? What you believe is true about God will shape how you live your life, I think.

True confession time: I believe in the God of the Bible, who not only created the world and everything in it, but is precisely and specifically involved in the dealings of all men. He will remain the God of the Bible, throughout all eternity, never changing, always watching.

Another way to frame it, I suppose, would be to say that most important element how I conduct myself every day is this truth: I live my life before an Audience of One, who is The God of All There Is.

As He watches my struggles and the script unfolding before His royal eyes, The Audience of One is not only ‘watching’ my drama unfold.

He is the Author of that drama. He knows each twist and turn of my journey; He has total recall of every line of dialogue I will ever deliver. “Before a single word is on my mouth,” says The Book, the Audience of One knows them all.

All men, (whether or not they acknowledge or even notice Him,) walk through the moments of each day … before The Audience of One.

He listens to every note sung; He hears every line of dialogue delivered. He already knew the entire plot of my novel life, before even one moment of it had a chance to unfold. As I took my first breath, The Audience of One was in the house. And when I breathe my last, When the final curtain falls on all the acts and actions of my life, He — The God of All There Is, and The Audience of One — will wait to meet me.

If the character I have played is faithful to that script and plan He had in mind when He thought of me, I will feel as if my life was well lived.

And if, on the day when I finally meet Him, I do not hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” …? Well, then, it will not matter if the rest of all the world is giving me a standing ovation.


For, in Him,

I live,

And breathe,

And have my being.

I believe in the God of the Bible, and I

I live my life before its Author:

I live my life before The Audience of One.



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