No matter what else happens in my life Today, this will be the shortest day I will ever live. The length of Yesterday grows with each passing moment in time. And, for certain, the certainty of the day called Tomorrow may never materialize. But Today? No matter what else happens, Today will be twenty-four hours long, whether I live through it or not. If life represents a test, — if I survive the challenges of Today — I already know that I will not have crammed more learning and living into this day than exactly twenty-four-hours can contain. When midnight comes, I’ll have to start cramming for the test all over again, whether I even want to or not.

Today is ‘right now.’ Today is the present day. It contains and includes the breaths I now take, the beats of my heart at this very moment in time, and the blinks of my eyes. Today is the only day that literally ‘is.’  Today is the day I’m typing these words into my computer. And Today is also the day you’re listening to or reading my words. Different dates on the calendar. But the exact same day for both of us: Today.

Today is a ‘touching’ day, I guess you could say; the day I get to embrace things, and people, and … life. I get to do something about Today.  It’s the ‘for sure’ day, and a gift from God.  If I make a move, if I make a decision, — if I make a difference, — well then, Today will be the day it will have to happen.

If Today could be located on one of those maps they have at rest stops along the Interstate, Today would be marked with a big arrow that says, “You are Here!” Today stands all by itself on the calendar of my life. It is totally unique to this very moment, and different from all others I have ever, or will ever, live.  No dodging. No ducking. No escaping a pivotal truth: No matter how I feel, no matter where I am, or who I think I am, Today is right in front of my nose. Today is an in-your-face-day. It will not be ignored. It cannot be postponed. It’s here. It’s now.

I’m often challenged when I read Ps.118:24, a verse that speaks to what should be happening in my life, today. That verse says that ‘This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice, and be glad in it.” The first part of that verse is always true; when the sun comes up every morning, I know I’m experiencing ‘this day’ — a day the Lord himself has made. The part of that verse that’s a challenge for me is the second part of the verse; the part that says ‘I will rejoice and be glad in it.’

Maybe I will rejoice. Maybe I will be glad TODAY. But maybe not. It’s not too late for me, if I’ve been a bit lax about my rejoicing and being glad today. Today is right now. When the Lord says, “You are here, in this day that I have made,” I will do well to notice and be glad for the blessings of the day we call … Today.

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