I noticed it, this morning.
Sunrise, I mean.

And I’m really glad.

As the sun decided to make another grand entrance this morning,
A pallet of color began to splash all over the horizon,
Almost as if God had opened a new package of colored pens,
Just for this occasion.

And as He began His amazing artistry, using the sun’s rays and those wisps of clouds,
A sweet, pink hue,
Deep as any blossom’s blush
Began to run like honey.
All over the eastern horizon.
All over Today, as it began to unfold.

It spread across the sky, wider than any big, linen canvas you ever saw.

Amazing, is what it was.

You would think something that beautiful and unique,
Would always be at the top of my list;
Something I would make sure I noticed, every day.

You would think that,
Sure as the world, wouldn’t you?

But, sure as the world, if I’m not careful and paying attention,
I miss that grand entrance of morning’s dawn, most days.

Not this morning, though.
I saw it.
I caught a slow, steady glimpse of how Today would greet this world I live in.

Oh, that I could remind myself.
Oh, that I would pay better attention,
To the morning, when it yawns.
And Today, as it dawns.

How much better my life would be, if I would start the day by noticing sunrise;
How much peace I could experience,
Just by watching, and perhaps, singing along with The Songwriter:

“This is the day that the Lord has made;
I will rejoice, and be glad in it.”
(Ps. 118:24)

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